JCB Nº 13 & Nº 0 Perfumes Have Arrived!


Born in Burgundy, in the village of Vougeot – the cradle of the Grand Crus –  with the vineyards as my backyard and the cellars my playground, I have been discovering the world through smell since birth. Tempted by aromas of the vineyard, the garden, the woods behind the vines, the cellars and the countryside – aroma has always been a part of my existence.  My earliest memories of wine – of the grape transformed – was through the sense of smell, the experience of bouquet of wine from its creation in nature to its ultimate expression in the glass. My dream to create a perfume has been ever present … for it is aroma that most powerfully evokes those childhood moments of the first sensory discovery of the world.



The pinnacle of aromatic exploration, perfume has inspired me throughout life. it is the most powerful sense in terms of its imprint on your memory. The nose is the conduit to discover beauty, nuance and delicacy, along with power, emotion, and style.  I see the creation of perfume and the translation of our passion through scent as a very exciting challenge that extends naturally from our origins in the vineyards, and our expertise as vintners. And while it is wine that refined our aromatic palette, perfume opens the world of smell to a new dimension of discovery and a new spectrum of expression. And upon exploring the new aromatic dimensions of perfume, we return to the bouquet of wine with an even deeper, more precise and refined understanding of its expression. 


JCB Nº 0

The wholeness of this scent is perfectly embodied by the No. 0. The perfect circle, it is the symbol of the entire winemaking process. From the beginning of a wine - the vine and its rootstock - to its growth, harvesting and finally its evolution in the ultimate stage - aging in gracious, elegant oak barrels that brings another dimension of flavors. No 0 evokes the depth of our Burgundy cellars, where the wood of the barrels intermingles with the complexity and depth of the earth. Powerful aromas of fire-toasted black oak black are surrounded by rum & spicy notes, finishing with bourbon vanilla to impart an intoxicating and mysterious allure.

JCB Nº 13

JCB No. 13 is a divine and delicate perfume with the elegance of a perfect bijoux and the expression of pure light. I named it thirteen, the favorite number of my precious bijoux and wife who adorns every day of my life. Her essence and our bond of foreverness are embodied in our divine perfume. A soft evening breeze on a warm spring night, it bears the purity of infinity, drawn to a perfect harmonious balance, and sealed within our elegant bottle. Graceful aromas offresh white grapes bursting to life in the vineyard, accented by white oak and surrounded by soft notes of rosewood, sandalwood and a touch of sweet vanilla, it is the epitome of divine luxury. Graceful, divine and infinite style in its highest aromatic expression, reflected through the delicate yet eternal elegance of crystal.