We all are deserving of the fine pleasures for taking our beauty, in the best manner possible, with the best ingredients and services available. Whether it be hair, skin, nails, or just the simplistic beauty of quality time, your next excursion in the world of beauty begins with one of our premiere service locations. Treat yourself to an afternoon with Skinceuticals, then stop by Julien Farel for cosmetics that are light enough to only enhance, not overpower the beauty that is you.




Pairing world-class anti-ageing ingredients with ground-breaking innovation, Rodial products are high-performance skincare essentials to address a range of skin concerns. Utilizing unique and powerful ingredients such as bee venom and dragon's blood, all products have been carefully formulated to produce the best immediate results.


iS Clinical is dedicated to developing clinically-validated skincare products that improve the physical and emotional well-being of people globally. Their line consists of superior-quality cleansers, treatments, moisturizers, and sun protectants powered by the most innovative ingredients on the market, and have been a mainstay of clinically substantiated skin care for more than a decade.


Since1958, Eminence has been using sustainable farming practices to create natural, organic and Biodynamic® products. They continue to use hand-picked fresh ingredients to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties.


Sanitas Skincare began with one product: Topical C. The ingredients in each Sanitas product are scientifically chosen to interact with each other and your particular skin type to produce optimal, customized results. Each Sanitas formula contains active, biogenic ingredients at clinical doses with the most minimal use of fillers.


Born from decades of skin cancer research that led to pivotal breakthroughs in antioxidants, Skinceuticals’ high potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives and proven to penetrate optimally into skin.
Made in the USA, their clinical skincare is used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas for daily homecare and to complement aesthetic procedures

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suki® is the first synthetic-free cosmeceutical product line whose visible results are proven in consumer clinical trials. With a focus on ethical consumption and holistic, natural practices, Suki is the best selection when it comes to shopping for the good of you and your planet.

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With a passion for architecture, wellness, and aesthetics, his profound concentration and attention to detail captures the subtle nuances of one’s energy in order to create a signature, indefinable look that could only be described as Julien Farel. Embrace the beauty of hair excellence with the help of JF’s impeccable products.